Computer Forensic Services

We offer the lowest prices around for data recovery services, with some quotes up to 70% less than our competitors

Sydney Computer Forensic Services

If you require computer forensics services we will require a copy of your driver's license as an ID, and We will require to take your hard drive / storage device off site to complete the work.

Usually this service may take between 1 and 2 weeks.

Area of Expertise

  • Password Retrieval
  • Email and Graphics Analysis
  • Data Destruction
  • Forensic Imaging
  • User Activity Analysis
  • Drive Duplication

Investigations of persons

Licensed Commercial and Private Inquiry Agents. For full information please contact our office or simply make an appointment. We work alongside with lawyers on civil and criminal matters.

Case Studies

Cost Estimation

Forensics initial lab inspection and interim report. Initial consultation fee ranges from $165.00 - $350.00 + GST applies. Please kindly discuss prior to making an appointment.

For a Full Digital Forensics we will provide you with a quote. Fees is based per hard disk. It is also subject to the number of hours involved and travel costs. An indicative fee may range from $1,800.00 to $8,500.00 + GST

All cases once approved will require a deposit of 50 percent. FLAT FEE may apply to certain cases. Contact us today for further information.

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Why Australian Data recovery

  • 1
    Honest and professional experts
  • 2
    Friendly team to explain about your case. We take pride in safely recovering your data.
  • 3
    We have one of the highest success rates in Australia. We also receive hard drives from other parts of the globe.
  • 4
    We take pride in recovering data for every client. It is even more special when it is for sentimental value for eg baby photos, wedding photos, other loved ones. Any occasion memories which are simply price less. We do not take advantage of these situation and therefore 99 percent of the times most clients come back to us or we here a nice referral.
  • 5
    We provide 100 percent privacy and confidentiality to each client.
  • 6
    Class-100 Clean room to ensure your data is processed by an expert. With the latest leading technology.
  • 7
    We offer partnership program to computer companies. We become an extension to small business and large corporate companies
  • 8
    We offer credit card payments VISA/Mastercard. We also accept EFT/CHQ
  • 9
    No hidden fees and charges
  • 10
    Call our friendly staff today who will provide you transparent information